"Quid Rides? De te fabula narratur." Horácio.

quinta-feira, agosto 17, 2006

Summer Reading


"The tide was out; the beach was deserted; lazily flopped the warm sea. The sun beat down, beat down hot and fiery on the fine sand, baking the grey and blue and black and white-veined pebbles. It sucked up the little drop of water that lay in the hollow of the curved shells; it bleached the pink convolvulus that threaded through and through the sand-hills. Nothing seemed to move but the small sand-hoppers. Pit-pit-pit! They were never still."
Katherine Mansfield, At The Bay

P.S. Este blogue encontra-se a banhos, mas, com a benção das chuvas estivais, irei voltando aqui para completar esta lista de indispensáveis sob qualquer guarda-sol que se preze.