"Quid Rides? De te fabula narratur." Horácio.

terça-feira, outubro 04, 2005

Boys Night In, Out and About


Excertos seleccionados em ordem cronológica aproximada

- Anyone looks cool in a limo, even me!

- Stefano, turn right on Mission.
- No, turn left on Bryant.
- It's faster if you take Van Ness.

- Check these neon lights on the ice bucket. How cool is that?
- Not cool at all.
- They change colors! Look!

- Next time we should get the Hummer limo, just for once.
- NEXT time? Thanks.
- I'm not getting on a Hummer.
- Isn't there a hybrid limo?

- Was that the Pope? They've got a bust of the Pope on that table? How sick is that?
- Bushites. I'm not eating here.
- It's an Italian restaurant, see, there's also a picture of Claudia Cardinale's cleavage.
- I'm eating here.
- And Bush is not Catholic, by the way.
- Evangelical, Catholic, Baptist, who cares? They're all Jesus freaks.

- You're also getting married? Oh my God, are we on our way to becoming Desperate Househusbands? Pass the wine.

- I'm not going to that bar. It's totally like a rap video.

- Dude, when you arrive in a limo, you'll get in anywhere.
- Dude, when you arrive in a limo and bribe the security guy, you'll get in anywhere.

- Show me a cute woman in this bar and I'll turn straight.
- Show me a cute guy and I'll turn gay.

- This place is closed. You've brought us to a closed bar!

- Kamikaze? What the hell is in a kamikaze?
- Just drink it.

- They should change this place's name to the "The 1040 Bar" - bring your Income Tax declaration for admission.

- What??? You had your mom at your bachelor's party? You're such a nerd.

- It's ok to drink vodka after gin, it's gin after vodka that kills you.

- Guys, this is Susan. She's in a bachelorette party and they're looking for strippers. Any volunteers?

- How do you do that on the pole? Here, let me try. Do I need the lingerie?

- When a lap dance costs $20, you know it's a classy place.

- Did that chick even have any teeth?

- Man, the girl who lap-danced you is leaving with a guy.
- You just can't trust strippers.

- Do you want evidence that there is no security in this country? Ten guys entering a hotel at 3 a.m. carrying a cooler and Walmart bags and no one cares.
- Did we get Cheetos?

- Was this bed here last night?

- What are we having for breakfast?
- A week at Betty Ford?

- I guess in Portugal that was just another day at the office.