"Quid Rides? De te fabula narratur." Horácio.

quarta-feira, junho 08, 2005

La Guerra

La Paz

"things are pretty bad here in the city of la paz. the
city has been blockaded for the past two weeks (since
we're in a large canyon with just a few access points,
it's hard to cut off the city) and basic supplies have
already begun to run out. gasoline ran out last
thursday, so no there are no vehicles. cooking gas
(distributed in canisters) has also run out, so now
there is no bread (no gas to cook bread) which is sad
because most meals consist of a piece of bread and a
cup of tea. (remember, about 2/3 of country lives
below poverty line) meat and chicken ran out last
week. fresh vegetables and fruit are scarce, and what
remains has doubled/tripled in price. two days ago
protestors took over one of the two aqueducts which
supplies the city, causing a cut to the water supply
and mass panic among the citizens. today hospitals are
going to run out of basic medical supplies. a forest
fire burns on the outskirts of the neighboring city El
Alto and continues to go unattended. Downtown has
been paralyzed for the past two weeks, and the damage
to buildings and streets is becoming more extensive
each day. Flights are no longer landing at the
airport. Yesterday police threw so much tear gas on a
huge protest march that people were passed out on the
sidewalks and streets, having fainted. Yesterday the
U.S. embassy evacuated its staff. (The ambassador
remains though...two days ago all of the Bolivian
political heads were meeting, and there was some video
footage of the U.S. ambassador trying to sneak out of
the meeting and into his car unnoticed.)"
(E-mail de um amigo em La Paz)

Se virem alguma coisa nas notícias sobre a Bolívia, digam. A mim, parece-me que é um caos ignorado.